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Our Hats

The Chase Hats

Our hats have the official the chase logo with printed "THE CHASE" along the side, our hats are durable and very stylish They are all $20 except the grey it is a little more pricey at $25. We each have our own special hat, Bryce's signature hat is the curved brim camo hat with the orange logo. Kade's favorite  is the black  flat brim with the orange logo. Dallin's signature look is the grey flat brim. Mitch's go to hat is the flat brim camo hat. 

Dallin's Hat

This hat comes at a little more costly but it is worth it. This hat is dallins favorite hat.  Of course it also has the words "THE CHASE" printed along the side. It is $25.

Bryce's Hat

This hat is Bryce's go to hat for all occasions. Whether its hiking up a mountain or sporting it at school. You can get it for $20.

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